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Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania


1. 생리활성천연물 및 유도체 합성
2. Combinatorial Chemistry를 이용한 선도물질 개발
3. 기능성물질 설계 합성(DNA Chip, molecular switch)
4. 생체신호전달 조절물질 개발 (Intracellular Signal Transduction Regulator development)


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[ 박사 ]

Studies toward the Synthesis of Bioactive Natural and Non-natural Products using Enzyme resolution and Metathesis (이태호 / 2005.08)

[ 석사 ]

Studies toward the Synthesis of Fluorescence-Labeled Polyyne Containing Sphingoid Base (유지수 / 2008.02)
Solid-Phase Synthesis of Natural Product-like Polyyne Library (이선우 / 2008.02)
Syntheses and Evaluation of Triazole-Ceramides and Calix-Triazoles using "Click" Chemistry (조민재 / 2008.02)
Design and Synthesis of the Conformationally Constrained Sphingoid Base Analogs (조지희 / 2007.08)
The Cyclic Sulfate Chemistry of Phytosphingosine in the Synthesis of Sphingolipids (이숙진 / 2007.02)
Chemical Reactions and Utilities of Bulky Trialkylsilyl Acetylene and AgF System (강희룡 / 2007.02)
Formal Synthesis of (-)-Lepadiformine (이민희 / 2005.08)
Practical Synthesis of an Immunosuppressive Agent FTY720 (이혜승 / 2005.08)
Asymmetric Syntheses of (-)-Antofine, (-)-Cryptopleurine, and their Derivatives (이은정 / 2005.02)

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