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A complete registration consists of the payment of tuition and fees, course registration, and the filling out of student data forms. Student's names will not be on the class roll unless all registration procedures have been completed according to instructions. Once admitted (or readmitted) to SNU, the applicant becomes an SNU student at the beginning of the semester. Student status is retained until graduation, unless the student withdraws, or is required to withdraw, or fails to complete the registration in a given period. Newly admitted students must complete their registration before the beginning of a semester within the given period specified in the Academic calendar. Freshmen complete their registration in February. The upperclassmen may register early, at the end of the previous semester.

Leave of Absence
Student who cannot attend more than three-fourths of the total semester hours may apply for the leave of absence. Those students must obtain permission from the Dean of the College of Graduate School and apply for leave of absence during the registration period. The term of absence cannot exceed six semesters in undergraduate program, four semesters in Master's program, and six semesters in Doctoral program. Otherwise the student will be dismissed, unless it is due to military service. Failure to enroll within the given period without permission will result in a dismissal. Failure to obtain the degree within the permitted period of time will also result in a dismissal. Students who have been dismissed according to the University regulations are not allowed for further registration. Students who wish to leave the University permanently must report to the Dean of the College or the Graduate School. Foreign students and special students for non-degree programs are also subjected to the same regulations.

Tuition and Fees
Tuition and fees are not computed according to the number of credits taken, but a flat sum of tuition and fees are normally charged to all registered students. As a national institution, Seoul National University offers educational opportunity of the best quality at a reasonably low expense. The Ministry of Education, Science and Technology determines the amount of tuition and the University with the approval of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology decides the amount of various fees. The rates are reviewed annually and are subjected to change.


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