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The applicant's parents and the applicant herself/himself must be foreigners or the applicant must have finished all school years (elementary, middle, and high school) at a foreign country.

Also, applicants for admission must satisfy the following:

Applicants must have finished 2 years or 4 semesters from a university except for those who graduated from a college of pharmacy.
Applicants must have taken more than 3 credits of mathematics course.
Applicants must submit a record of PEET taken in the year of application
Applicants must submit a record of TEPS or TOEFL scores that is no older than 2 years from the time of application

The foreign students can get admission either by general admission system via competition against Korean students or by special admission system via the competition against other foreign students. For special admission, applicants must meet the eligibility of General admission and the additional eligibility as follows: the applicant's parents and the applicant must be foreigners or the applicant must have finished all school years (elementary, middle, and high school) at a foreign country.

Admissions Criteria

Admissions decisions are based on the candidate's academic achievements and potential, as well as his or her personal accomplishments. The admissions committee reviews a number of factors such as records of past studies (such as grade point average or GPA), the study plan, personal statement, and letters of recommendation. Other achievement records and specific qualifications such as language proficiency are also taken into consideration. The candidate's application is reviewed in the context of the level of studies completed, quality of achievement, and characteristics of institutions attended. Finally, the appropriateness of the applicant's academic goals and suitability of preparation for the proposed program of studies are assessed. Interviews, examinations, and/or additional documents may be required from the applicant, based on the policy of the specific college or department.

Admissions Eligibility and Requirements

◇ Common Eligibility of Language Proficiency
Applicants must satisfy at least one of the Language Proficiency conditions listed below.
(1) Test of Proficiency in Korean(TOPIK) level 3 or higher
(2) TOEFL(PBT 550, CBT 210, iBT 80), IELTS 5.5, TEPS 551 or higher
(3) Any other supporting documents of English or Korean Proficiency which could be considered

◇ Eligibility of each Degree Course

Submitted documents become the property of SNU and will not be returned to the applicants.
Documents that are not in English or Korean must be accompanied by an English or Korean notarized translation. Please submit the originals as well.
Unusual cases and individual circumstances will be given consideration for international applicants.


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