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Applicants for admission must satisfy the following:

General admission

Applicants must have finished 2 years or 4 semesters of 4-year-course college.
Applicants must have taken more than 3 credits of mathematics course.
Applicants must submit a record of PEET at the year of application
Applicants must submit a record of TEPS or TOEFL scores no older than 2 years at the time of application

Special admission

Applicants must meet the eligibility of General admission and the additional eligibility depending on each special admissions

Admissions for students from farming and fishing regions: In accordance with the Local Government Act Article 3, applicants must have completed full school years of middle and high school in the farming or fishing regions of the nation.
Admissions for students from families in the low-income bracket: The applicant's family must have maintained their status for receiving the government's livelihood subsidy for 1 year before application.
Disabled student admission: According to the Disabled Welfare Law Article 32, the applicant must be registered as disabled level 1-3.
International student admission: The applicant's parents must be foreigners or the applicant must have completed all school years (elementary, middle, and high school) at a foreign country (also see at 5. Foreign Students).

Class Eligibility Entrance quota
General admission General admission 63
Special admission 1. Farming and fishing region admission ≤10
2. Low-income bracket admission  
3. Disabled student admission ≤2
4. International student admission ≤5

For other detailed submission documents and admission schedule, applicants should refer to the homepage of College of Pharmacy at SNU (

Students who have left the University, or have been dismissed for reasons other than disciplinary actions, may be re-admitted once, provided it's within two years of absence or dismissal. The credits they had obtained are transferable. SNU expects its students to complete the undergraduate courses within eight years of his/her initial admission at the longest.


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