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The College of Pharmacy, in cooperation with the Graduate School, offers courses leading to M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in the basic and clinical sciences. These courses are directed through the University's Graduate School. In the graduate course, credits are given for the completion of regular courses or seminars and to the individual research performed under the supervision of the graduate advisor. The minimum credit requirements for the graduate courses are as follows.
Upon recommendation of the graduate advisor, and subject to the approval of the department chairman, graduate students may take some of the courses offered in the graduate or undergraduate programs of a department other than their own. These courses are applicable to the fulfillment of the credit requirements. In such case, those courses must be approved as equivalent to the major courses of the student's department. The permitted number of credits thus taken will be determined by the department regulation, but in no cases can the credits earned in undergraduate courses exceed six credits. However, if the department requires some of the undergraduate courses of the department as pre-requisites to the graduate program, these courses will not be applied to the credit requirement of the program, though they will be counted toward the computation of the grade point average of the student's graduate program.


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