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Undergraduate Courses

Course Requirements in the Undergraduate Courses
The undergraduate course leading to the B.S. degree is a four-year program with 8 semesters of actual attendance required. The number of credits required for the completion of the undergraduate program is 140 or more. This must include a minimum of 113 credits in major required courses, and a minimum of 27 credits in major elective courses for Department of Pharmacy and Department of Manufacturing Pharmacy. Major courses are listed in the curriculum of each department. There are required and elective courses, designated by the department. Major courses that are offered by the department but are not specified as requirements are the elective courses.

Experiential Pharmacy Practice Education
▶ The Goal of Pharmacy Practice Experience
The purpose of the pharmacy practice experience is to prepare future graduates with the professional competencies to enter pharmacy practice settings including community, institutional pharmacy, industry, and pharmaceutical health policy and management. The pharmacy practice experiences involve actual practice experiences in direct patient care settings as permitted by practice regulations to assume responsibilities under appropriate supervision of the pharmacist-preceptor or clinical pharmacy professor.

▶ The Contents of Pharmacy Practice Program
The experiential pharmacy practice program is developed to integrate, apply, reinforce, and advance the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and values developed through the other components of the curriculum.

▶ The Stages of Experiential Pharmacy Practice Education
The pharmacy practice experience is organized to provide a balanced series of required and elective experiences that cumulatively provide sustained experiences.

▶ Required Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences
Students participate in four required introductory pharmacy practice settings including community pharmacy, hospital pharmacy, industry, and health policy and management agencies to apply formal classroom training to the pharmacy practice, as appropriate. Through this experience, students can strengthen their patient care skills through a wide array of pharmacy practice experiences.

▶ Elective Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences
Through this elective pharmacy practice experiences, students can develop advanced clinical skills to function effectively in specialized pharmacy practice environments.

▶ Affiliated Practice Facilities and Institutions
Seoul National University College of Pharmacy has many affiliated practice facilities including, but not limited to, hospitals, retail pharmacy, industry, and health policy agencies for the education, research and clinical practice to improve the quality of pharmacy education and pharmaceutical care services.


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