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Message from the Dean 

After its establishment in 1915, the College of Pharmacy at the Seoul National University has always been taking a leading role in the advancement of national scientific technology by producing highly competent individuals who are equipped with strong theories related to new drug development, its practical application, and the scientific technology. We have also been a leader in training the students to become highly competent pharmacists, who are much needed by the society for their ability of preventing and treatment of human diseases.

The college has been focusing on producing highly qualified professional individuals through our systematic academic program on basic pharmaceutical science and clinical pharmacy and through our teaching on the principles on prescriptions related to various diseases, adverse reactions, and etc. Also, in the area of research, the college has excellent researchers and faculty members who publish hundreds of internationally recognized papers and bring approximately 10 million dollars of research fund every year. Our annual research activity is ranked within top 5% among pharmacy schools both in Korea and the United States. We have been leading the development of pharmaceutical industry by putting the latest scientific technologies in various areas needed for the development of new drugs. Our graduates have been taking a pivotal role in the development of scientific technologies in various universities, research institutes, government agencies, pharmaceutical industries, and so on both in Korea and abroad. In preparation for the next generation, we are striving to produce competent pharmacists with highly professional pharmaceutical knowledge and to grow the college as the top research oriented university in the world. We will try to lead the development of the national scientific technology in each area related to new drug development by expanding the research facilities, securing optimal number of qualified faculties, producing outstanding research works, and leading the development of the newest technology. Consequently, we will continue to be one of the top research oriented universities in the world.

Lee, Sang Kook Ph.D.  
Dean, College of Pharmacy
Seoul National University


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