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학술행사/세미나 안내 및 신청 List
No. Title 연사 세미나개최일 Writer
Notice 심포지엄(세미나) 신청 안내 pharm
1605 "Know Your Enemy to Win the War: Characterizing the Tumor-Immune Phenotype in Advanced Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma" 노가원박사(University Hospital Cologne, Germany) 2022.08.22 오후4-6시 신영기
1604 Inhibition of Thiol-Mediated Uptake with Pnictogen-Centered Cascade Exchangers 임범희 박사(University of Geneva) 2022-8-18(목) 16시 snupharm1
1603 Bariatric surgery reveals a novel gut hormone, Reg3g to produce metabolic improvements 신재훈 박사 (Department of Surgery, University of Michigan) 2022.08.10 오전 11시 손연호
1602 METTL3 as a Predictive and Prognostic Molecular Marker in Breast Cancer and Melanoma 최홍석 교수 (조선대학교 약학대학) 2022.08.10 오후 4시 박은진
1601 Bacterial Regulation of Vitamin A Transport and Its Role in the Immunity 방예지 교수 (서울대학교 의과대학 미생물 면역학교실) 2022-08-31 오후 4시 (143동 101호) 이정원
1600 Lipidomics and its application to biomedical research 류광현 교수 (경북대 약대) 2022.08.04. 오후 2시 이정원
1599 Dissecting immunomodulatory protease function using activity-based protein profiling and covalent ligand screening Euna Yoo, Chemical Biology Laboratory, Center for Cancer Research, National Cancer Institute, National Institutes of Health 7/26 15:00 김기배
1598 Stereospecific Synthesis of Cyclopropanone Equivalents and Application to Alkylidenecyclopropanes and β-Amino Acid derivatives 정명기(North Carolina State University, Department of Chemistry) 2022년 7월 20일(수) 16시 30분 임명신
1597 Targeting ER stress responses to unleash T cell immunity against ovarian cancer 송민경 교수 (성균관대) 2022. 08.01 (월) 오후 4:30-5:30 (날짜 변경!) 정연석
1596 Nanodisc System for Determining Structures of the KRAS Homodimer on the Membrane 이기영 조교수 (차의과학대학교 약학과) 2022.07.07 이봉진


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