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학술행사/세미나 안내 및 신청

학술행사/세미나 안내 및 신청 List
No. Title 연사 세미나개최일 Writer
Notice 심포지엄(세미나) 신청 안내 pharm
1457 Discovery of Neuroprotective agents from Natural Products Dean Jin-Ming Gao(Professor) 10월 16일 pharm
1456 The Development of Chaperone Therapeutics to Treat Cancer, Glaucoma, and/or Neurodegenerative Diseases Brian S. J. Blagg 9월 30일 pharm
1455 Development of Novel Anticancer Agent From Chemical Biology Approach 이경 교수(동국대학교) 9월26일 pharm
1454 New Horizons of Chemistry of 4-Membered Carbocycles Kiyosei TAKASU 9월 26일 pharm
1453 Chemical approaches to perturb and observe biological molecules in whole organisms 조욱래 박사 9월 25일 pharm
1452 Protease-based protein control and cellular reprogramming for gene therapy 정호경 박사 9월 25일 pharm
1451 Versatile usage of pluripotent stem cells for disease modeling, molecular mechanistic study, and functional genomics 이기현 박사 9월 24일 pharm
1450 High Throughput Drug Screening Technology 남태규 교수 9월 19일 pharm
1449 Mi-Sook Kim, Ph.D. 세미나안내 (9/18) pharm
1448 Pietro Fontana, Ph,D. 세미나안내 (9/16) pharm


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