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학  력

Ph.D., University of Georgia (1992)
M.S., Seoul National University (1986)
B.S., Seoul National University (1984)

주요 경력

1993 - 1995: Postdoc, National Institutes of Health, USA
1995 - 2013: Professor, Ewha Womans University
2008 - 2013: Principal Investigator of WCU Type 1 Project of NRF, Korea
2013 - Present: Professor, Seoul National University


1) 아데노신 수용체 리간드 개발 연구
2) DNA methyltransferase 저해제 개발연구
3) S-adenosylhomocysteine hydrolase 의 mechanism-based inhibitors 개발 연구
4) AIDS, Herpes, B/C형간염 치료제 개발
5) 차세대 셀레노핵산의 개발


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